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How We Work

Live Accounting


We believe we can offer you the same quality of services as much larger consultancies, with an added personal touch. The people you meet when you are exploring the possibility of working with us, will be the people who work with you if decide to go ahead.The process is as simple as you can imagine...

  • You will be given an Accounting Manager that will coordinate all your business requirements.
  • We will manage the staff that is required to do your work so that you donít have to.
  • We will do the work offline hours so that the previous day work is finished by the time you get back to the office.
  • We will provide you with prices for our work in advance. The cost of the work we do varies, subject to the complexity, duration and required resources, but please remember that we enjoy our work, so we don't need to overcharge to keep ourselves happy!

Your business becomes very efficient since the work turnaround time is very fast. You donít need to hire many people with different skills since the account manager will allocate the right team member for your business needs. We become your trusted back office outsourcing solution provider.

In our work with you we will always seek to be Clear, Effective and Transparent, without losing our creativity Ė when most people are wondering whether the glass is half full or half empty, we might reflect on whether the glass is simply twice the size it needs to be.

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